Top Apps to Sideload to your Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has given users the ability to sideload .APK files to their Fire TV. This means you can sideload Android apps to your Fire TV. However, since the Fire TV does not support touch screen capabilities, only specific apps will actually work properly on the device. Here is a list, including download files, of the top apps that you should sideload to your Amazon Fire TV. Please read the tutorial here on how to sideload apps to your Amazon Fire TV.

Top Free Amazon Fire TV Apps Everyone Should Sideload


Kodi (formerly known as XBMC)

Play media from local or internet sources

Download Kodi (XBMC) .APK here:
Download Kodi Android ARM


Allcast for the Amazon Fire TV


Stream and mirror from Android devices to the Fire TV

Download Allcast .APK here:



Adobe Flash

View flash content on the Firefox browser

Download Adobe Flash .APK here:


Firefox for the Amazon Fire TV


Web browser

Download Firefox .APK here:


ES File Explorer for the Amazon Fire TV

ES File Explorer File Manager

File manager

Download ES File Explorer .APK here:


RetroArch icon

All-in-one emulator – PS1, SNES, NES, GB, GBA, Sega Genesis, and more

Download RetroArch .APK here:


Settings.APK Icon

Connect your wireless bluetooth device (mouse, keyboard, trackpad, headphones, etc.) to the Fire TV. Read full tutorial here.

Download Settings .APK here:


Snes9x EX+ for the Amazon Fire TV

Snes9x EX+

Super Nintendo emulator

Download Snes9x EX+ .APK here:


How-to Add ROMS to the Fire TV Emulators (RetroArch & Snes9x EX+):

To add ROMS, connect to the Fire TV and in Command Prompt/Terminal type:


adb push C:\filepath\filepath\RomFileNameWithExtension /sdcard/Download


./adb push /Users/YourUserName/Desktop/RomFileNameWithExtension /sdcard/Download

You can open the ROM in the download folder.


    • Sure! Let’s say my ROM file was named, so I would include the full name of the file (Metroid) along with the extension (.zip). So it would look like this:

      ./adb push /Users/YourUserName/Desktop/ /sdcard/Download

        • now that amazon included access to usb devices, you should be able to load up a flash drive with ROMs and play it directly from there.

          I used to do this by mounting drives with Stick Mount and then playing the games off of there. I haven’t tested this since the new update, but it should work all in the same

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